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    Gas Top Up Aircon Service


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    Gas top up

    • Air conditioners coils are flushed and cleaned

    • AC drain pipes are cleaned and cleared

    • Aircon’s coolants will be resupplied for aircon power

    • Final measurement of temperature output

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    Per Fancoil

    From $80 per unit

    Types of Gases for Air Conditioners


    The R-410 and its R-410A variants are the newest types of coolants used in AC units. Unlike the older gas versions, this newer substance has a high cooling efficiency when used in a cooling system but does not damage the environment unlike its predecessors. Because of its high efficiency, we recommend that all systems that can use this gas to do so, as it is not just environmentally friendly, it is also cheaper with the amount of gas required and usage reduced. While this is easy to handle, it is best to get a trustworthy aircon servicing contractor to supply this.

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    While it is also a typical Freon gas, this is a type of hydroflorocarbon that can cause some damage to the ozone layer in the world. Hence, even in Singapore, its use is beginning to be phased out, with the industry moving towards more environmentally friendly alternatives. While an old model, the R-22 gas is still commonly used in old units as a coolant in the compressor. Depending on your aircon unit, this is the gas that the unit will need for a full top-up. However, do note that if your HVAC unit can use another type of coolant, we recommend doing so.


    This R-32, widely used in the Freon brand is a difluoromethane that was developed and designed long ago. This mixture demonstrates relatively high efficiency in aircon cooling and is a widely used gas in AC systems in Singapore. This gas is relatively widely used in Daikin models, and leave it to us to settle your Daikin’s gas top up requirements.

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    R-134 gas types, while still widely used, requires much higher pressure and is more difficult to handle. This is a type of refrigerant that is open in older models of air conditioner but requires experienced aircon maintenance contractors to handle. SOServices has the exact expertise required to handle this difficult substance.

    Why are gas top-ups important?


    Maintain Aircon functionality

    The refrigerant is used to absorb and get rid of any heat that may be present in the house. In other words, it is this refrigerant that absorbs the heat in Singapore, carry the heat away from your room and throw it somewhere else. To put it even more simply, without a healthy refrigerant level, your AC does not, and cannot work. Hence, without a regular gas top-up, your aircon does not work properly.


    Prevent damage to your aircon

    The refrigerant tank, if not kept at a healthy level, alludes to a certain leak in the system due to the pressure differences in the tanks and the atmosphere. Hence, to keep your aircon from damage, you should regularly check and top up your aircon’s gas tanks to ensure that your aircon is maintained properly. While some may feel that gas top ups are not necessary, this is simply not true as the long-term cost will be a lot more than expected when aircon repairs are necessary.


    Increase aircon efficiency

    Once again, the refrigerants are the resources that the aircon needs to work. Without a healthy level of the refrigerant in the ac, the aircon struggles to utilize the refrigerant without damage to the system. With more gas, the aircon can cool the air in Singapore much more easily, allowing to cool it faster, better and at less electricity cost. Again, gas top up is one small activity that can go a long way in saving your electricity bill.

    Brands that we’ve serviced

    The Gas Top Up Process

    The Gas Top Up Process

    SOServices aircon technicians use a measuring gauge to check the pressure inside your air conditioning unit. If the pressure is low, it is a sure sign that there is not enough refrigerant inside your ac unit. One of the symptoms that there is not enough refrigerant in the ac unit is simply that your aircon is not working as well as it used to – an aircon without its refrigerant is unable to do most of the work.

    Charging up the Gas Tank

    As a professional aircon servicing company in Singapore, we usually store our gas in a specialized gas tank to prevent leaks and damage to the refrigerant. Once the refrigerant is pumped into the gas tank, our experienced aircon technicians will re-measure the pressure inside the air conditioner to ensure that the refrigerant has been inserted into the aircon unit successfully.

    Final checks for maintenance

    One of the possible reasons why gas top ups had to be done repeatedly is that your aircon had a maintenance issue that was not diagnosed. Hence, SOServices usually prides themselves on the maintenance checks after a gas top up service, to ensure that the aircon has no other faults that could cause further damage – both to your homes, your environment and to your wallet. If we catch one, be safely reassured that we will recommend a solution on the spot and fix it on the spot for you.