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    General aircon servicing

    • Aircon servicing includes a full washing and cleaning of the air conditioner filters

    • Checking discharge pressure, compressor suction and major electrical connections

    • There will be a complete inspection of the fan and internal systems.

    • We also service cassette and wall mounted types of air conditioners.

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    SOServices Aircon general service process

    Aircon Inspection Servicing

    Our general servicing for Air conditioners in Singapore always starts with the inspection of the aircon. We first check the mechanical parts of the aircon if there is anything malfunctioning with a series of tests on the filters and drainage pumps. Then, if there is a malfunction in one of the aircon parts, or if your aircon is not cold, we would advise you accordingly.

    Filter washing

    During AC servicing, our aircon servicemen will remove dust, mold and dirt from your aircon filters. This is the first step in aircon cleaning, and the air would always first encounter your filters. Hence, if your filter was the dirtiest, this would be the most likely reason that you would get sick or feel that there is a lot of dust around the house. We first thoroughly clean the filters which are most likely to be dirty.

    Internal vacuuming

    The internal parts of the aircon, such as the drainage pipes, condensers and evaporator coils, all may be dirty as well. However, these parts are not as easily accessible as the filters, which are right in front of the aircon. This reduces the dust that overall is hidden within the aircon, and helps prolong the time needed between services, saving your cost in the long run.

    Final chemical flushing

    As this is not a chemical overhaul, strong chemical is not used in such aircon servicing procedures. As a trusted aircon servicing contractor, we use chemicals that are weaker that do not leave odors in your room but is strong enough to dissolve algae and flush out dust that have been hardened from not being cleaned. Hence, our method is efficient and fast by clearing out residue dirt in one thorough flush.

    Brands that we’ve serviced

    Why do you need aircon servicing?

    Improves the efficiency of ventilation

    Without dust being trapped inside your aircon, your aircon has more capacity to take in air and convert it to cooler air. In Singapore, we understand that the need for an aircon is high due to the heaty summer weather. As an experienced aircon servicing company in Singapore, we usually produce a tailored plan for regular aircon servicing, so that you may avoid problems such as the aircon is not cold. Such problems are usually caused due to a lack of regular servicing and will work as good as new should the parts be cleanable or repairable.

    Longer Life Span of AC

    Dust, algae and dirt that accumulates on aircon parts do not just destroy the efficiency of your air conditioner, it also damages the parts that need to be connected together when in operation. People in Singapore usually keep their aircon running for a good part of the day, and when they do so, they risk damage to the parts if the aircon is not cleaned. By regularly servicing the aircon, SOServices ensures that the aircon is well oiled and runs smoothly. The dirtier the aircon gets, the more likely it is that it would get damaged.

    Lower Energy Consumption overall

    An aircon that is dirty consumes a lot of energy because its parts are not working together to its full efficiency. If you’re wondering why your electricity bill has been climbing recently, it may be because your aircon has not been serviced for a while, dust is accumulating, and dirt is starting to get in the way of your AC’s operation. Unblocking the drainage pipes will increase the aircon’s efficiency significantly, and general aircon servicing is an investment that would be well spent.